Faerun Out of the Abyss 5e Nottingham

Session 2

Red Plumes and a pit...

After dealing with the Duergar (DER-GAR!) our adventurers came out of the farmhouse in the morning to see Dessandra leading a squad of 20 Red Plumes and a captive Minotaur towards Goodroot Farm, after a brief conversation and a nail biting moment of tension (hoping the captain would fall into a pit Ug had dug). They convinced the Red Plume leader to give them a day to finish the order that is owed, Brutus Caesar removed his shackles to confront Dessandra, with some strong nut helping words from Grimash they were able to persuade the guards to let him go free.

The group spent a day helping out Constance in finish the order, said their goodbyes and left towards their next desination….



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